The three sisters have maintained a mother yeast that was inherited from their grandfather Alberico, who considered wheat to be the simbol of man’s link to the earth.

The garden guarantees freshness and seasonality to the products prepared in the open kitchen, as well as the picnics in beautiful wicker baskets. The open-kitchen “L’Orto di Alberico” is open to those who wish to spend a beautiful day in the bucolic Roman countryside just a few steps away from the Eternal City.

The cheeses are made from sheep’s milk and cow’s milk and the meat from Friesian cows, the millefiore honey and extra-virgin olive oil, barley and produce, are just of the delights that can be tasted at the Orto di Alberico restaurant, and continue the rich tradition started by the Prince.

To render the universal and particular without losing a fiercely independent identity – this is the objective of the Orto di Alberico.

That it should be unique and alive, for everyone to enjoy.

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