Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi has left us a wonderful inheritance : Our Historical Vineyard.
Four rows of Cabernet and four rows of Merlot, tending them for over half a century using exclusively organic methods, together with a historical Semillon ,made available by a friend of the family , together they form the starting point for the revival of the mythical wines of Fiorano.
The venerable age of the vineyard helps to reduce suffering of the grapes caused by the seasonal changes , and enables the well developed roots to find moisture at a deep level.
Furthermore the Prince’s method of tending the vineyard has helped the plants adaptation to the environment, naturally increasing their defence and developing a remarkable resistance to the principal fungal infections (mycoses), such as blight, Peronospera and powdery mildew, Oidio .

Fattoria - Vigneti